Even though we are living in a time where money is tight, it does not mean we cannot still look our best with salon perfection. This just means that we have to learn to do it on our own now. Most if not all professional beauty supplies can be found at your local beauty supply store. Here I will list off some of the most important

beauty supply

must haves.

A great thing about wax is that it gets the hair out from the root, keeps hair from growing back as fast, and gets your legs as smooth as a baby's bottom. One can buy a home waxing kit for as little as $10.

If you are still using a regular flat, iron shame on you; ceramic flat irons have so many more benefits. They are capable of getting hotter and they cause less breakage and damage to your hair. No professional will be caught dead without one. Ceramic flat irons range anywhere from $10-$200.

This one is relatively new, but is just as easy as applying your daily mascara eyelash tinting is just dyeing your eyelashes to avoid having to apply mascara every day. This is great for people who like the ease of not wearing makeup or those who constantly worry about their mascara running. A home kit can run from between $12-$20.

So there you have it. It is quite possible to get the salon savvy using professional beauty supplies look without actually attending a salon. Enjoy your beauty day.

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